JulY 17 – 20, 2024

What are the EuroGames?

The EuroGames are an LGBTIQ+ multi-sport event that takes place once a year in Europe. The games are open to participants of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and sporting abilities. The EuroGames were first held in The Hague, Netherlands in 1992, and have since been hosted by cities including Berlin, Stockholm, Budapest, and Helsinki.

The EuroGames feature a range of sports, including athletics, basketball, swimming, volleyball, and many others. The event aims to promote inclusion and diversity in sports, as well as to challenge stereotypes and discrimination against LGBTIQ+ individuals in athletics.

In addition to the sports competitions, the EuroGames also feature a range of cultural and social events, such as parties, concerts, and art exhibitions. The event provides a platform for LGBTIQ+ individuals and allies from across Europe to come together, celebrate their identities, and participate in a supportive and inclusive environment.

The EuroGames are governed by the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF), which works to promote LGBTIQ+ participation in sports and combat homophobia and transphobia in athletics. The EuroGames have grown in popularity over the years and have become an important event for the LGBTIQ+ community in Europe and beyond.

Why embrace diversity in sports?

Embracing diversity in sports is not only the right thing to do, but it can also lead to improved performance, greater fan engagement, and a more positive social impact.

Inclusivity: Embracing diversity in sports promotes inclusivity by creating a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of their background, ethnicity, race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. This helps to eliminate discrimination and bias, and promotes equal opportunities for all athletes.

Talent: Diversity in sports allows for a wider pool of talent to be discovered and developed. By embracing diversity, teams and organizations can tap into the unique skills and perspectives that individuals from diverse backgrounds bring to the table, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of the team or organization.

Fans: Embracing diversity in sports also attracts a wider fan base. When athletes and teams reflect the diversity of the community, they are more likely to resonate with a broader range of people, increasing fan engagement and interest in the sport.

Social impact: Sports can have a significant impact on society, and by embracing diversity, sports can play a positive role in promoting social change and challenging stereotypes. When athletes from diverse backgrounds come together, it sends a powerful message of unity and inclusivity, which can help to break down barriers and promote understanding and acceptance.

Why LGBTIQ+ representation matters?

LGBTIQ+ representation in sports is important because it promotes acceptance and understanding, empowers LGBTIQ+ individuals, and helps to combat discrimination and promote inclusion.

Firstly, it helps to break down stereotypes and promote acceptance and understanding of the LGBTIQ+ community. By showcasing successful LGBTIQ+ athletes and their achievements, it challenges the notion that being LGBTIQ+ is incompatible with success in sports and reinforces the message that everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, can excel in their chosen field.

Secondly, LGBTIQ+ representation in sports can be incredibly empowering for LGBTIQ+ individuals who may have felt excluded or marginalized in the past. Seeing athletes who are open about their sexuality or gender identity can inspire others to embrace their own identities and feel confident in their ability to participate in sports.

Thirdly, LGBTIQ+ representation in sports can help to combat discrimination and promote inclusion. Homophobic and transphobic language and behavior are unfortunately still prevalent in sports, and LGBTIQ+ representation can help to challenge these attitudes and create a more welcoming and accepting environment for all athletes.

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