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The EuroGames Vienna 2024 Outreach Programme aims to offer support to athletes who wish to take part in EuroGames but, due to political or financial reasons, find themselves unable to do so. For athletes facing discrimination, repression, or difficulties in obtaining a visa, the programme endeavours to diminish these obstacles, thereby strengthening the goal of inclusion and diversity that lies at the core of EuroGames.

The Outreach Programme’s primary objective is to ensure LGBTIQ+ athletes from Council of Europe member countries can safely participate in their favourite sport and make that participation economically viable. In addition, one of the goals of EuroGames Vienna 2024 is to increase the number of women and TIN (Trans-, Inter- and Non-binary) athletes, as well as participants from Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Therefore, we especially encourage them to apply for the support we offer.


The Outreach Programme is limited to on-site support in Vienna and travel to and from the event. It may also include administrative assistance, such as facilitating or expediting visa application. On-site support can be offered in the form of reduced or free accommodation, discounted or free participation fees, or discounts on food costs or better travel conditions. 

As funds for the Outreach Programme are limited, a selection process based on clearly defined criteria will be set up. 

The Organisers of the EuroGames Vienna 2024 and the Outreach Team would like to thank all those who support our programme – and especially highlight the generous contribution made by EuroGames Nijmegen 2022! 


Applicants must identify as LGBTIQ+ and wish to actively participate in at least one sport at the EuroGames Vienna 2024. 

They are eligible for support through the Outreach Programme if their current living situation corresponds to one of the criteria below:

  1. People living in European countries without (or with very limited) LGBTIQ+ rights.
  2. People whose country of origin is as mentioned above, but who are currently residing in another country and may face financial difficulties or discrimination because of their status as migrant or refugee.
  3. People living in European countries who cannot afford to participate due to their financial situation.
  4. People residing outside Europe in a country without (or with very limited) LGBTIQ+ rights.

The eligibility of applicants from European countries regarding LGBTIQ+ rights will be based on the Rainbow Europe Map and Index, developed by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA), which ranks 49 European countries on their LGBTIQ+ equality laws and policies.

Since EuroGames Vienna 2024 primarily targets a European audience, applications from the first three categories will be given preference. Additionally, priority will be given to women, lesbians, trans, inter, and non-binary applicants.

Please note that there is no legal entitlement to participate in the Outreach Programme or to determine the level of financial support provided.


Athletes can apply to the Outreach Programme by filling out the application form outlining their motivation, i.e., a justified request for support. The application must include an estimate of the expected costs and a supportive statement from a second party, such as (sport) clubs, local (LGBTIQ+) organisations, friends, employers, etc.

Incomplete applications will not be considered, and support will not be extended to any other person travelling with the applicant.

Questions or requests for help with filling out the forms should be directed to .


The application deadline for the Outreach Programme is March 17, 2024.

Subsequently, all the applications will be reviewed and ranked, and applicants will be informed of the outcome by the end of March 2024, at the latest.

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