JulY 17 – 20, 2024



Information regarding the application process, application registration, and legal aspects of participation.

The competitions take place over 2 days in two different ability groups.

Registration for the individual competitions is only available on a daily basis since these involve two distinct climbing disciplines: bouldering and rope climbing. You can choose to register for either one or both days.

DAY 1 - Boulder Competition

The competition takes place in a so-called “jam” mode in which the participants have the opportunity to try and complete various boulders of various degrees of difficulty from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

There will be two different ability groups:

  1. Performance group 1
    Boulder difficulty 4 to 6a.
  2. Performance group 2
    Boulders with a difficulty level of 5c to 7a.

The people with the most completed boulders compete in the final from 4-6 p.m.


© Edgar Eisner


The climbing competition in the sport discipline rope climbing is also divided into two performance groups:

  1. Performance group 1
    Top rope climbing routes with a difficulty level of 4 to 6a.
  2. Performance group 2
    Lead climbing with a difficulty level of 5c to 7a

There will also be a “jam” format in this competition, which is about mastering as many routes as possible and thus reaching the final.

The final takes place in the form of knock out rounds with a time limit.

© Edgar Eisner

Individuals can also take part, but we would recommend participation as a couple or climbing team, as the participants should belay each other in the qualification, but under the supervision of the “Naturfreunde” trainers of the climbing hall in Vienna. In the final, the climbing hall provides belayers.

It is therefore a prerequisite for participation on the second day of the event, for the rope climbing competition, that the participants have mastered the proper securing with the belay devices and that the participants also sign this with their registration for the competition.


Legal information and conditions which must be signed when registering for the competition in the climbing hall in Vienna.


I accept:

  • the hall rules and general terms and conditions of the climbing hall in Vienna (indoor & outdoor climbing) – see bottom of this page
  • Pay attention to the instructions of the employees of the climbing hall Vienna and to other visitors
  • I am aware of the dangers associated with climbing (bouldering, top rope, lead climbing) and act independently in the climbing hall in Vienna


I’m practiced in bouldering, will only climb on the bouldering walls designed for this purpose (equipped with fall protection mats).


I am trained in top-rope climbing and belaying, or I use the climbing hall in Vienna when accompanied by a trained person.


I am trained in lead climbing & belaying and can therefore independently belay lead climbers and other people in the lead!

I am older than 18 years or I am accompanied by an adult.


Kletterhalle Wien
Erzherzog-Karl-Straße 108
1220 Vienna


Tournament dates

Thursday, July 18th, 2024
Friday, July 19th, 2024



  • Boulder and rope climbing difficulty 4 to 6a.
  • Boulders and rope climbing with a difficulty level of 5c to 7a.

Gender categories

  • Female* identified
  • Male* identified
  • Non-binary

Registration fee

€ 90 for EGLSF members
€ 110 for non EGLSF members

Additional sports fee
€ 50 for climbing


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