JulY 17 – 20, 2024



MITZI and FRIENDS are organising the cycling events for two days.

The first day starts with a criterium and on the second day there will be a social ride through beautiful Vienna.


Join us for a criterium bike race: no matter if you have done countless crits in your life and want to compete with likeminded from all over Europe or try out racing a criterium for the first time! 

In a criterium the riders race around a fixed number of laps (appr. 18 for beginners and 30 for competitive starters) – each lap about 1 km and every 3 laps points are awarded in a sprint to the start/finish line. At the end of the race all riders are ranked based on the points collected and the highest number of points is awarded the winner.

In case of tied points, riders are next ranked according to their position in the final sprint.

Points are awarded to riders crossing the line in the following positions

  • ​1st = 5 pts
  • 2nd = 3 pts
  • 3rd = 2 pts
  • 4th = 1 pt

At the end of the final lap, the points available in the sprint are as follows      ​

  • 1st = 10 pts
  • 2nd = 6 pts
  • 3rd = 4 pts
  • 4th = 2 pts

If a rider or group of riders ride ahead of the “pack” so far that they catch them again from behind, then they are said to have “taken a lap” and are awarded 20 points.

If a rider or group of riders fall behind the “pack” so far that the pack catches them again from behind, they are said to have “lost a lap” and are deducted 20 points.

A bell is rung as the lead group of riders begins a point-scoring lap i.e. as they begin lap 3, 6, 9 etc.

The laps are counted according to the position of the lead rider. There is also a lap counter visible at the start finish line.

The motto of this race is safety first – along the lines of Lou Holtz: 

Do right. Do your best. Treat others as you want to be treated.

Social Ride

Join us for a social ride (no drop) in the surroundings of Vienna. There will be three different groups from appr. 50km (flat) to 70km and 100km (hilly). Groups will be defined on sight.

Good to Know

Please be aware that for both, criterium and social ride, a race bike or cyclocrosser with street tires, clip-in pedals, without aerobars plus a helmet is mandatory. Regarding the social ride: the group leaders will explain the group riding rules before the ride. The group leaders and the rules must be followed. Traffic regulations apply.

Without meeting these regulations you are not allowed to join the race or social ride.

For those who cannot bring their own bike here is a link to rent a bike:


E-bikes are NOT allowed!


Cyclodrom Donauinsel
1220 Vienna


Tournament dates

Thursday, July 18th, 2024
Friday, July 19th, 2024


  • Criterium recreational
  • Criterium competitive
  • Social Ride

Gender categories

  • Female* identified
  • Male* identified

Registration fee

€ 90 for EGLSF members
€ 110 for non EGLSF members

Additional sports fee
€ 10 for cycling